Template:Unreferenced The Ranks and insignia of the National Socialist Flyer Corps were a paramilitary rank system in use by the National Socialist Flyers Corps (NSFK) between the years of 1933 and 1945. The ranks were designed after paramilitary rank titles of the Sturmabteilung. Most ranks of the NSFK were also used by the National Socialist Motor Corps which maintained its own paramilitary rank system.

As with most Nazi paramilitary groups, rank patches were worn on a single collar opposite a badge of unit membership. The exception was for the ranks Standartenführer and above which displayed rank insignia on both collars.

As of 1934, the final rank pattern of the National Socialist Flyer Corps was as follows:

NSFK Rank Translation German Air Force Equivalent
Korpsführer Corps Leader Generalfeldmarschall
Obergruppenführer Senior Group Leader General
Gruppenführer Group Leader Generalleutnant
Brigadeführer Brigade Leader Generalmajor
Oberführer Senior Leader Oberst
Standartenführer Regiment Leader Oberst
Obersturmbannführer Senior Storm Unit Leader Oberstleutnant
Sturmbannführer Storm Unit Leader Major
Hauptsturmführer Storm Head Leader Hauptmann
Obersturmführer Senior Storm Leader Oberleutnant
Sturmführer Storm Leader Leutnant
Obertruppführer Senior Troop Leader Stabsfeldwebel
Truppführer Troop Leader Hauptfeldwebel
Oberscharführer Senior Squad Leader Oberfeldwebel
Scharführer Squad Leader Unteroffizier
Rottenführer Section Leader Obergefreiter
Sturmmann Storm Trooper Gefreiter
Mann Trooper Flieger
Anwärter Candidate None

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