The Międzyrzec Podlaski Ghetto was one of the ghettos established by the German Nazis for the local Jewish population in the General Government during the Holocaust in World War II.

At the end of September 1939, following the Soviet invasion of Poland, the Red Army occupied the city of Międzyrzec Podlaski, but at the beginning of October, the Soviet Union surrendered the city to Germany as part of the Hitler-Stalin Pact. Following the surrender, approximately 2,000 of the city’s Jews left the city for the Soviet-occupied zone. The Germans erected a transfer ghetto in the city that was occupied by up to 20,000 Jewish prisoners.

On the seventeenth of July 1943, that ghetto was liquidated, at which time the last 160-200 residents were shot, and the city was officially declared free of Jews. Fewer than 1% of the Jewish population of the city survived the German occupation.

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