The following List of Gauleiters enumerates those who have held the German political rank of Gauleiter, most often associated with Nazi Germany.

  • Gau Bayerische Ostmark (Bavarian Eastern March) [Bayerische Ostmark was founded in 1933 when Oberfranken, Niederbayern & Oberpfalz merged. It was renamed Gau Bayreuth after its capital in 1943.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Berlin - Brandenburg [Gau Berlin - Brandenburg was divided into Berlin & Brandenburg 1929.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Brandenburg (the historical nucleus of the Prussian kingdom) [Gau Brandenburg was made a part of Kurmark 1933.]Gauleiter:
  • Gau Düsseldorf [Gau Düsseldorf was founded in 1929 from the bezirk Bergisches - Land.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Hannover - Nord [Gau Hannover - Nord became a part of Südhannover - Braunschweig 1928.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Hannover - Sud [Gau Hannover - Sud became a part of Südhannover - Braunschweig 1928.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Hessen - Nassau [Gau Hessen - Nassau was founded 1933 when Hessen - Darmstadt merged with Hessen - Nassau - Sud.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Hessen - Nassau-Nord (Hesses- Northern Nassau) [Hessen - Nassau - Nord was known as Gau Kurhessen after 1934.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Koblenz - Trier [Koblenz - Trier was renamed Gau Moselland in 1942.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Kurmark (Elector's March) [Kurmark was founded in 1933 when Ostmark merged with Brandenburg. It was renamed Gau Mark Brandenburg in 1940.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Moselland - see Gau Koblenz - Trier
  • Gau München-Oberbayern (Munich - Upper Bavaria) [Gau München - Oberbayern was founded in 1933 when the bezirk Oberbayern & Gross - München (Greater Munich; the Bavarian capital was also the official capital of the Nazi movement) merged.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Niederdonau (Lower Danube, i.e. Niederösterreich, in Austria), Gauleiter:
  • Gau Niederschlesien (Lower Silesia, split-off of Gau Schlesien; after the war lost to Poland), Gauleiter:
  • ReichsGau Oberdonau (Upper Danube, i.e. Oberösterreich, in Austria) Gauleiter:
  • Gau Oberfranken (Upper Franconia) [Gau Oberfranken became a part of Bayerische Ostmark 1933.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Oberschlesien (Upper Silesia, split-off of Gau Schlesien; after the war lost to Poland) Gauleiter:
  • Gau Osthannover (East Hannover), Gauleiter:
  • Gau Ostmark, (Gau Ostmark was made a part of Gau Kurmark 1933.) Gauleiter:
  • Gau Pfalz–Saar [Gau Pfalz - Saar was founded in 1935 when Saarland & Rheinpfalz merged. It was renamed Saarpfalz in 1937 and finally Westmark 1942.] Gauleiter:
  • Gau Rheinland – Nord (Northern Rhineland) [Gau Rheinland - Nord became a part of Ruhr 1926.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Rheinland – Süd (Southern Rhenania) [Gau Rheinland - Sud was divided into Köln - Aachen & Koblenz - Trier 1931.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Rheinpfalz [Gau Rheinpfalz became a part of Pfalz - Saar 1935.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Ruhr [Gau Ruhr was divided into Westfalen - Nord & Westfalen - Sud 1932.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Saarland [Gau Saarland became a part of Pfalz - Saar 1935.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Schlesien [Gau Schlesien was divided into Niederschlesien & Oberschlesien, i.e. Lower- & Upper Silezia, 1940.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Schleswig - Holstein, Gauleiter:
  • Gau Sudhannover - Braunschweig (South Hannover - Brunswick) [Gau Sudhannover - Braunschweig was founded in 1928 when Hannover - Nord & Hannover - Sud merged.], Gauleiter:
  • Gau Tirol (in Austria), Gauleiter:
  • ReichsGau Tirol - Vorarlberg (in Austria), Gauleiter:
  • Gau Westfalen - Nord, Gauleiter:

Sources and referencesEdit

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