Regierungsbezirk Kattowitz was a Regierungsbezirk, or administrative region, of Nazi German Provinz Schlesien (Province of Silesia) from 1939 to 1941, and Provinz Oberschlesien (Province of Upper Silesia) from 1941 to 1945. The regional capital was Kattowitz (Katowice).


The region was created after German invasion of Poland in 1939 from territories annexed by Germany. The Kattowitz region was composed of former Polish Autonomous Silesian Voivodeship (without the Lubliniec County), and parts of the Kielce Voivodeship (Będzin county and parts of Olkusz County) and parts of Kraków Voivodeship (Biała Krakowska County, Żywiec County, and parts of Chrzanów and Wadowice Counties).

In Spring 1945 the territory was occupied by the Soviet Red Army. The district was dissolved when the land was restored to Polish control.

Administrative divisionEdit

Urban districts / Stadtkreise Edit

  1. City of Beuthen
  2. City of Gleiwitz
  3. City of Hindenburg in Oberschlesien
  4. City of Kattowitz
  5. City of Königshütte

Rural districts / Landkreise Edit

  1. Landkreis Bendsburg
  2. Landkreis Beuthen-Tarnowitz
  3. Landkreis Bielitz
  4. Landkreis Kattowitz
  5. Landkreis Krenau
  6. Landkreis Ilkenau
  7. Landkreis Pless
  8. Landkreis Rybnik
  9. Landkreis Saybusch
  10. Landkreis Teschen
  11. Landkreis Tost-Gleiwitz

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